Toowoomba Sports Ground,
Level 1, 47 Arthur Street, Toowoomba Qld 4350

About us

Our Organisation

South West Indigenous Network exists to ensure that through sport, culture and community, Indigenous Australians can live longer and have a better quality of life.

Our Mission

South West Indigenous Network Inc (SWIN) is a recognised multi-sport organisation which provides leadership, guidance and support to the Indigenous communities of South West and South East Queensland through opportunities in sport, physical activities and recreation.

For more then eight years, SWIN has created a supportive environment of community sport and recreation officers, recognising the unique needs of Indigenous people and encouraging skill sharing and traditions to benefit all members.

SWIN has provided the mechanism for Indigenous community members, athletes, administrators and coaches of the South West to develop a healthy lifestyle, build confidence and achieve their desired level of consistency in regular recreational activities.

Through its community based sport and recreational officers, SWIN has been able to strengthen and encourage physical, mental, cultural, emotional and spiritual aspects of community and individual life, by creating opportunities for success at entry level.

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Due to COVID19, our Toowoomba office is currently unmanned, but all staff are still all working
and can be contacted directly by email or mobile phone.